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Why choose Inspire Minds Through Sports

Look below to see what parents have to say about us.

"I'm really thankful to Mr Russell for providing the camp for my children. They are asleep by 8pm every night!" 

"Thank you to Mr Russell and Mrs Scott and all of the dedicated staff. My children have loved the Easter Camp. It has been an amazing opportunity!"

"Thank you to all of the staff at the Easter Camp this year. My son has enjoyed his time here. See you at Summer Camp!"

"All of the staff at the Easter Camp have been amazing. My two sons have enjoyed the club very much. Thank you all!"

"My son in Year 1 has enjoyed the Easter Camp. My husband and I are both healthcare workers and are so thankful that my son could enjoy this camp whilst still being able to work. Rather than being at home on his tablet, he has been able to come to the club and be active. Thank you!"

"My children have enjoyed the Easter Camp whilst enabling me to go to work during the holidays. My children will be looking forward to any future clubs as there is a wide range of activities for them yo enjoy!"

"I signed my son up for 4 days in the Easter holidays. On the 4th day he was so upset that he was leaving, he begged me to come in for a few more days! They have great activities, football, basketball, hockey. Mr Russell has put on a fantastic, great camp here. You have to sign up for you children in the next holiday!"

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